​​​Integrative Therapies by Lorna

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I am so pleased to have clients coming to Integrative Therapies for repeated treatments.  It is surely a true testament that holistic therapies have a positive impact on our lives.  I have included a few testimonials that show the benefits people have received.  Please note the therapies have helped with a persons quality of life, lessening discomfort and providing relaxation.  I will be honored to help you achieve the same goal. 

Reflexology and Detox Foot Spa Treatments

I initially went to Integrative Therapies for an issue I had with swelling in my ankles and feet.  I had gone to a number of doctors over a three year period and I could not get any relief - the swelling was a huge problem in my life.  I had X-RAY'S, water pills prescribed to me, compression stockings made - and it went on and on.  Nothing seemed to work so I thought I would try Reflexology - I thought it couldn't hurt.  It was a good experience and I am glad that I started.  I have been going every two weeks now for the past three years.  The swelling has gone down significantly.

Lorna is a caring person and really enjoys what she does.  She puts her all into each session with each client and wants the best for their well being.  She is a wealth of knowledge and I have learned a lot by going to Lorna and keeping up with this bi-weekly treatment.  The first thing I do when I return from vacation is have a session with Lorna - because I can feel the difference when I walk out of her office.  Go ahead, treat yourself, you won't regret it!   Kara -  Cumberland, RI

I have tried several alternative therapies in my attempt to find relief from the discomfort and pain caused by my auto-immune disorders.  My first visit to Integrative Therapies was in February 2014 for an ionic foot detox and reflexology treatment.  Lorna made me feel comfortable right away, and the difference in my feet and body afterwards was a welcome surprise.  I now schedule time with Lorna monthly because when my feet feel good, my whole body feels better.   Alanna - Greenville, RI

I have had Fibromyalgia for over 40 years; at times it is unbearable.  I could not walk up and down stairs, and my knees, legs and soles of my feet hurt very much.  Lorna recommended I have a detox foot spa and reflexology treatment.  The detox treatment made me feel like "a million bucks!"  My legs immediately felt so light, my knees were no longer stiff, and my feet did not hurt.  The reflexology session was relaxing and the hot rocks felt so good.  I really feel great, and recommend this to everyone I talk to.  I just called for another session.  Thank God for Lorna.     Ginny - North Providence, RI

​Reiki Sessions

​Being referred to Lorna was truly a godsend. For years, I have been dealing with severe anxiety and depression, without remedy. Reiki was the only form of therapy that I hadn’t tried, and I admit that I was even a bit skeptical at first. To be completely honest, I didn’t even know what reiki was and had only done a little research on my own. Even after reading countless literature, I still did not fully understand what a reiki session entailed. During my first session, Lorna was very welcoming and walked through the entire process with me, step by step. I’ve never felt so calm and soothed. The only way to describe reiki is comparing it to being completely at peace, at the pinnacle of the most connected meditative state. The effects of Lorna’s reiki are long lasting, and I enjoy continuing these therapy sessions that ensure the stability of my mental health and well-being.    A. I.-Johnston, RI

​Reiki Class

Thank you for taking your weekend time to teach us Reiki .  I am so happy that you were able to do this for us.  We felt so comfortable with you.  A truly wonderful experience.  Truly Grateful,   Audrey - Westerly,  RI